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The remote risks to towns and to highly used main roads

At a speed of 12 km/h on river, less than 6 km/h by canal, on a free route and far from habitation, what risks are there left for the transport of dangerous materials?
Despite the weak speed, transport from Rouen to Melun takes no longer than 3 days, sea-wards only 1½.

To transport 1650 m³ of gaz-oil in a transport of 1450 tonnes would require: 55 42-tonne tankers each loaded with 30m3

This is equivalent to a head-to-toe convoy more than 1 km long.
55 times more motors,
more consumption of petrol (which France imports expensively), multiplied
by atmospheric and noise pollution, traffic that amplifies the stress of the people,
                                                      all to the degradation of our environments and our towns.

Le Phimarc transport d'hydrocarbure
photo Bernard Kuntz

The PHIMARC transport 1650 m³ of hydrocarbons has on board, like all of the MAHIEU society’s boats, pumps that can fill up and empty the load in under 3 hours. Its classifications are up to the EU norms; its captains certified in handling all petrols.
The society has 4 boats: THIERC, JULEN, DIDIER et PHIMARC; 2 pushers HONORAT and MEDARD, and 5 barges of 650 tonnes, 900 tonnes, 1000 tonnes, 1700 tonnes.

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