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Pollution compared


The average sound levels emitted by vehicles travelling at 50/60 km/h in a 12-15 m road:
(no. vehicles per hour / sound level);

100 v/h (63dB)
500 v/h (70dB)
1000 v/h (73dB)
2000 v/h (76dB) (source: Quid 2000)

Populations exposed to noise: In France around 7 million people (12.7%) are subjected to a sound level of above 65 dB, taking a transport average.
10% of habitants are exposed to an excessive noise in inner Paris. In certain areas, 20% of habitants are exposed to a sound level of more than 70 dB(source: Quid 2000)

These ugly statistics would drop by a significant level if one removed all that could be transported via the waterways.


Polluant emissions in France 1996 (source Citepa, 1997 )

Polluant Total in k/tonnes Long distance transport 36 days of pollution in the Ile de France region in 1998

Ttransit of heavy loads go around built-up areas

Waterway transport is non-polluting

Carbone monoxyde CO 8 253     4 571.6  
Volatile Organic Composites VOC NM 2 449     894.3  
Nitrogen Oxide NOx 1 697.6   859.9  
Sulphur Dioxide SO2 946.5   117.2  
Carbon Dioxide CO2 482     123.2  
Ammoniaque NH3 807     6.6  
Dust 215     79.4  

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